World Friendship Games

For Participants

World Friendship Games is the first multi-sport tournament to be held under the auspices of the International Friendship Association

Key Tasks

  • 01

    To create a new format for international sports cooperation

  • 02

    To involve athletes from all over the world

  • 03

    To show respect for the human right to participate in sport free of politics

The only criterion for participation is the athletes’ own sports achievements

Athletes, male and female, with no sanctions for violations of the WADA anti-doping rules are eligible to participate. The costs of accommodation, meals and transport of foreign participants will be covered by the Organising Committee, subject to the applicable quotas

The competitions will take place in the most modern sports venues that have previously hosted prestigious international events, in accordance with the international rules for each sport

There is a prize fund for competition winners and medallists

  • 2
    25,000 $
  • 1
    40,000 $
  • 3
    17,000 $

How to participate?

  • Collection of participation intention forms

    February–May 2024
  • Registration of participants in the online system

    May–July 2024
  • Confirmation of participation by the Organising Committee

    July–August 2024
  • World Friendship Games

    15–29 September 2024

Key information about the Games for participants


If you are a professional athlete and would like to compete at the Games, please apply


Do you have any questions?
Please contact the Organising Committee at: