World Friendship Games


Moscow, Ekaterinburg

The World Friendship Games is a major international tournament that will include more than 30 sports and open a new chapter in its history.

This unique event will become a space for intercultural dialogue based on the highest ideals of sportsmanship and the principles of openness and mutual respect.

a 14-day celebration of sport

More than 7,000 athletes from all over the world

Competitions in Moscow and Ekaterinburg

a spectacular sports programme

a rich cultural programme

New friends and experiences

Values of the Friendship Games

  • 01

    Solidarity and integrity

    Solidarity and integrity
  • 02

    Ethics of sport and high standards of organisation

    Ethics of sport and high standards of organisation
  • 03

    Principles of friendship and openness

    Principles of friendship and openness

Friendship starts with you

We invite you to become part of the big World Friendship Games family

Volunteers do not climb medal podiums, nor are they cheered on by the crowds. They are always behind the scenes. But their powerful energy and service makes up the backbone of the Games

Thanks to volunteers, thousands of spectators will long remember the greatest moments of the Games

Volunteers will help the athletes feel at home and achieve their best possible results

The organisers will make every effort to ensure comfortable working conditions for volunteers and to coordinate their activities

Volunteers are born leaders! What sets them apart is their energy, which drives them to take an active stance in life, to help others, and to do something exciting and useful.

Without their participation it is impossible to imagine such a large-scale and important tournament as the World Friendship Games

Klava Coca

Ambassador of the Games Volunteer Programme

Features of the Volunteer Programme

Selection Criteria — Volunteers must

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Work a minimum of 6 shifts between 15 and 29 September
  • Speak English (for some roles)
  • Be registered on the platform
  • Have teamwork skills
  • Be ready to go through all selection stages and training

Services for volunteers

  • Unique volunteer uniform
  • Training programme
  • Food and beverages during shifts
  • Accommodation for volunteers from other cities
  • Free travel on public transport
  • Life insurance

Exciting bonus features

  • Meeting famous athletes and performers
  • Participation in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Games
  • Verified volunteer hours on
  • Opportunity to gain experience in organising events
  • New friends and useful contacts

Volunteers roles

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Partners of the Volunteer Programme